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Dave Madasz, Pastor

Thank you for visiting our website. My history with Crossroads began in 1992 when I was called as their pastor. At that time the church was named Curlew Baptist Church. The name of the church was changed to Crossroads Baptist Church, in 2006 when we merged with another area church. It was an exciting day when that took place and the merge enhanced both congregations.
Since life can be confusing my primary goal is simple: to provide vision, direction, and hope for people as we navigate life together. This is done through reminding the church family that their goal is to; Love God, Love people, and to Serve others. With these simple goals we can all fulfill our greatest responsibility to God and our community.
Though I work and minister with the greatest congregation in Pinellas County, others have had a profound impact on my life as well. A local pastor, Dr. Don Ralston (ret.) and Roy Hession, an English revivalist and author are two such people. Through the printed page Hession could teach me what it means to have revival -- daily revival in my life; working as a staff member, Ralston could show me. I am learning that whatever the day brings is what the Lord has in store for me and I must allow Christ to be seen in my reactions to adverse circumstances. Sometimes I'm successful, other times not so much. But each day I get to do it over again and learn what it means to take up my cross and follow Christ.
It is that lifestyle that I want to build in my church family. If that sounds like the way you want to live your life then I invite you to join us and we navigate life together.
Other tidbits of information about me are these. I was married in 1971 to my beautiful wife, Becky and together we have raised three wonderful children: David, who married Tessa; Melissa, our Children's Director; and Erin, married to David Alland.
I'm a duffer who loves a person named Mulligan and a hunter who likes to bring home big bucks!
Becky is a published quilter.