Sundays @ 10:45 am


Christmas Shoe Box Collection

Thank you for your generosity last year. 

Monthly Donations 2018
Put donations at display in back of church:
Savvy shoppers know that they can impact more children around the world for eternity by looking for shoebox items throughout the year.  So each month we collect different items.

  • January - little dolls and "match box" cars
  • February - Stickers and small stuffed animals
  • March - Play-Doh, washcloths, and bar soap (no liquids allowed)
  • April - Bars of soap, loofah sponges, very small purses and tote bags
  • May - Toy Cars, Hair Brushes, combs, hair accessories.
  • June - None (VBS Month) "did you know you can "track" your box?
  • July - hair brushes, combs, hair accessories, ball caps
  • August - School supplies,zippered pencil cases, colored pencils, stickers, pencil sharpeners (Stores promoting these too)
  • September - Small/Toddler T-Shirts, (appropriate sayings), zippered pencil cases
  • October - $7.00 (each box cost $7.00 to mail)
  • November - None (Break)
  • December - Non (Break)


March Donations